Hi, my name is Brett and I'm a full-stack software developer with a passion for exploring all avenues of creativity and design. While my primary focus as a designer is Web and User-Interface design, as it relates most to my role as a developer, I also enjoy expanding my illustration and 3D modeling capabilities.

My core principles.

Designers are constantly faced with decisions, thus I believe that it's imperative to establish a set of principles in your work.


Design decisions should be made from the perspective of the user in order to create a product that is not only accessible, but that users enjoy using.


A design should be approached with a singular and deliberate objective. Additional features should only be used to aid in accomplishing this goal.


Designs should not only look good, but should also be created with the foresight and knowledge that it can be engineered well.


Software should be modular enough to adapt to changes, and maleable enough to accomodate the needs of all users.